About Level Cross UMC

Our facilities are dedicated to the mission of serving God in the community. Level Cross UMC is located at the intersection of Siloam Road and NC Hwy 268. The physical address is 4080 Siloam Road, Dobson, NC 27017. Our church building includes a welcoming sanctuary, several classrooms, two kitchens, a fellowship hall, and a playground/picnic area. There is also a walking track across NC Highway 268 which our church maintains and provides for community use. Contact Sue Wall at 336-374-5293 for more information about the use of church facilities.

Level Cross United Methodist Church had its beginnings in 1876. In that year, a Mrs. Martha Witt Carmichael Moser and her husband purchased a tract of land near Fisher River and moved there from Hickory Ridge in Forsyth County. For 30 years prior to this date the Mosers had been members of Hickory Ridge Methodist Protestant Church. When it was found that there was no church of this denomination in this area, they erected a brush arbor, secured a minister, The Reverend D. A. Highfill, and they and their neighbors formed a congregation using the brush arbor until a log building could be built as a place of worship.

In 1892 a more substantial frame building was built to replace the log structure. The name Moser’s Chapel was given to this church. Records show that this name was retained through 1907.

In 1908 the present location was selected and a one-room frame church with a seating capacity of 200 was erected. At this time the name was changed to Level Cross Methodist Episcopal Church, since it had now come under the jurisdiction of the conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1939 after over 100 years of separation, three branches of Methodism merged. These were: The Methodist Episcopal Church; The Methodist Episcopal Church, South; and The Methodist Episcopal Church, North. Level Cross Church came under the jurisdiction of the Western North Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church and was given the name Level Cross Methodist Church. At this time Level Cross Church became part of the Dobson Charge along with five other churches – Dobson, Siloam, Rockford, Stoney Knoll and Stanford.

In 1945 a new Charge was formed. This was known as The Level Cross Charge and was composed of Level Cross, Siloam, Stoney Knoll, Rockford and Stanford churches.

A new Charge parsonage had to be built. By this time, the Level Cross Church building was sadly inadequate. Despite post war-time shortages, but with a strong faith that God would provide, the parsonage was built by the Charge. It was located within half a mile of the Church on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Will Moser. Then the Level Cross Church began an ambitious building project. The old white church was razed and the congregation met in a slightly renovated store building until the present brick Church, very modern for its time, was completed in 1950.

In 1967 the Conference again made a change in the composition of the Charge. Churches included were: Level Cross, Siloam, New Hope, Blackwater and Ararat. This became the Level Cross – New Hope Charge.

In 1968 the name of the Methodist Church was changed again when a merger of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church resulted in the United Methodist Church. Level Cross Methodist Church became Level Cross United Methodist Church.

In 1976 the Conference formed a two-point charge and named it Level Cross-Siloam Charge. In that same year Level Cross Church celebrated its Centennial.

In 1990 it was clearly seen that the 1950 building was inadequate for the needs of the Congregation. After a great deal of planning and praying, a building project that would double the size of the Church was begun. It was decided that a new addition would be built and that there would be a renovation of the older part of the Church.

The new part was to include a large well-planned and equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, new class rooms, storage rooms, and a choir room. The major part of the new addition was to be a large, beautiful multi-purpose room. This room would be used for dining, recreation, meetings of The Methodist Women and The Methodist’s Men’s groups, Vacation Bible School, Youth and Children’s meetings and activities, Sunday School Classes, a Girl Scout Troop, wedding receptions and many other church related events.

In the old part of the Church a complete renovation of the part used by Head Start would take place. The entire Church would be made accessible to the handicapped. All these plans were accomplished and on December 8, 1991 a Consecration Service was conducted by The Reverend Doctor Floyd Berrier, District Superintendent.

Level Cross United Methodist church stands at the intersection of NC Highway 268 and Siloam Road, Surry County, North Carolina. The membership is a cross-section of rural Americana. There are families who depend upon agriculture for a livelihood, those who work in industry and businesses, self-employed small business people, teachers and school personnel, nurses, retired persons, and those in other walks of life.

Activities are varied and planned to include all ages. The Spiritual needs are the first priority and are met in the Sunday Morning Worship Services and in other ways. Great emphasis is placed on the children and youth of the Church. Their activities are wide and varied. Some of them include: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, special programs for the worship services – Christmas and at other times. Trips for fun and spiritual renewal are planned for all ages, such as Laity weekend at Lake Junaluska.

The Church sponsors a Boy Scout Troop and a Cub Scout Pack.

Sunday Morning Worship Services are held at 11:00 am. Sunday School is at 10:00 am. The United Methodist Women meet the second Tuesday in each month. Choir rehearsals are held weekly on Tuesdays. The Administrative Council meets quarterly. The United Methodist Men meet at 8:00 for breakfast on the second Sunday of each month. At Christmas and Easter the UMM host a breakfast for the entire church. They are also noted for their fish fries and barbecue. On the first Saturday in October the Church sponsors an Annual Harvest Festival and Barbecue.

On the gravestones in the cemetery adjoining the Church are names that cannot be overlooked when recalling those who helped to build and carry on the work of the church in the past. Mr. and Mrs. Will Moser were the “pillars” of the Church for many years. “Uncle Joe” Moser is remembered for his faithful attendance and his pleasant greetings each Sunday morning. Jesse Badgett gave hours of his time and energy in planning and working for his Church. Arthur Graham was an inspiration and leader for many years. Lillie Davis never tired of giving herself to her Church. Mary Ellen Graham inspired so many with her dedication and aspirations for the church.

Pastors who led the Congregation are all important to the Church, but there is one who is always remembered for the work he did and for the work he managed to get the members to do. It was he who was pastor when the present church and the parsonage were built – and it was he who had the vision of what Level Cross Church would be. He was the Reverend Doctor Wilson Nesbitt. His wife Mary is also remembered fondly.

Level Cross Church’s doors are always open and everyone is welcome. One of the greatest joys the Church experiences is gaining an addition to the Church family. Standing at the crossroads of the community with the cross on its spire pointing upwards, Level Cross United Methodist Church is a reminder to the world that passes by that “All but God is changing day by day”.